Detailed Commission Breakdown

See the detailed commission breakdown below. You also receive commission when users upgrade to a higher plan.

PBNHost Plan Price Commission %
Mercury $20 20%
Venus $30 20%
Earth $45 20%
Mars $60 20%
100 USD Plan $100 20%
200 USD Plan $200 20%
500 USD Plan $500 20%

Commissions are lifetime - as long as the user keeps paying, you keep receiving the commission.

Apply For The Affiliate Program

If you are able to send more than 1000 unique visitors, please write that into the application and we'll be in touch for a special deal. By applying for the affiliate program, you agree with our Affiliate Agreement (active PBNHost user, no domains that include 'PBNHost', no "scam" reviews, no Facebook or AdWords direct linking).

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason. If your application is approved, you'll receive a link to our page with banners, email swipes and other tools.